Rebuilding the Royston Trail

by Ross

Old Rail Grade is gone.  Early preparation work for the new Royston Trail going North from Hilton Rd.  The fifth last picture shows how everything looked before the work began with the Highways closed sign at the start.

Rough grading has been done to the back of the slough. Pictures 2 and 4.

The Nurse log might have to go – this old fir log ( 3rd last photo) will probably burst if moved, but the space is too tight for a 2 metre trail unless it can be fitted on the slough side.  Picture 5 is looking from the other end but there is a very large Grand Fir to the right of the Nurse log.

Monday morning will resolve the question and a small culvert will need to be added here to accommodate  winter runoff from above.

The 3rd picture is one of the access points to Royston House B&B

The other photos are of the Lince Rd section and the last 3 are the deteriorating Rail Grade which is being replaced by this routing around the slough and thru the Nurse log section.