Fresh Berries at Royston House B&B

by Ross

They’re ripe at Royston House B&B. Summer Guests at Royston House get the full benefits of our great Summer weather and almost a continuing supply of fresh ripening fruit from both Wild and Organically grown berries.

Loganberry, Raspberry and Blueberry Fruit is served summer fresh to B&B Guests.  It is also part of Nancy’s homemade Jams and Jellies provided to Guests at Royston House and Eaglesview Escape by the Sea both in Royston on Vancouver Island.

Bumblebees have been the main workforce pollinating this year’s Berry crop and they have done an excellent job giving us an abundant supply of  tasty delicious fruit that is fresh every day.


Bluecrop Blueberries     Loganberries    Raspberries at Royston House B&B