Hellebores Time !

by Ross

It’s Hellebores time at Royston House ~ These colourful little bloomers began their showy journey in February.  They are now fully open with their colourful flower like bracs that will last another 2-3 months.  What is a brac ? Well it’s a series of petals linked together to provide a colourful attraction to pollinating bees and other insects.  The flowers are actually contained in the middle of the bract petal cluster.  Flowers are fairly neutral colours of white to light yellow.

The colour and design choices we have at our Royston House B&B are really exceptional.  These range from almost pure white to dark purple singles.  Over the past few years we have added a lot of doubles with the nicest of these being the yellows with red edging and muted reds or rose colours.  Some of the one’s that will jump out at you have a picotee design on the inside of the bract petals and others are multi coloured – like green and white.

The leaves deteriorate over the fall and winter so we have removed most of them before taking these pictures.

Enjoy our show and come visit sometime, we are in the beautiful Comox Valley on Vancouver Island B.C.

Ross and Nancy at roystonhouse.ca